U GIE IRIS, responsible for the SYSTEME U’s entire IT system decided to choose EASYTRUST License Management to drive the matching of its deployments for its contracts and continuously check its compliance with an ORACLE certified trusted third party.

Philippe LE CAM – Directeur Général Délégué – U GIE IRIS


SYSTEME U, a co-operative grouping of independents, is the 4th French leading food retail company, with more than 10% market share, 1500 stores, 65000 employees and its turnover was 23,21 billion euros in 2013. SYSTEME U created in 2011 the Economic Interest Group: U GIE IRIS. This group, based in Carquefou (44), is composed by over 300 employees: software engineers and managers in charge of designing, building and maintaining SYSTEME U’s IT systems.


  1. How to help driving ongoing ULA contracts?
  2. How to optimize the costs of Oracle licenses and infrastructures?
  3. How to evaluate the financial exposure of U GIE IRIS in case of an audit?


Signing a 5-year contract between U GIE IRIS and EASYTEAM for usage of EASYTRUST LM as a service (SaaS mode). The EASYTEAM Software Asset Management entity is committed to provide  a quarterly audit report based on collected data from the software.


  • Enabling decision-making involving all parties (procurement, production department etc.)
  • Controlling the financial exposure over time, using close supervision of all deployed products and options
  • Optimizing the management of contract renewals and their expiry
  • Integrating projections (functional and technical needs) over 3 years, 5 years with asset management
  • Demonstrating the return on investment
  • Implementing a Software Asset Management policy for ORACLE software assets monitoring over time